Dr. Bina Bakshi, Self Development Expert

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Vibrational Energy Medicine, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression Therapy, Stress and Anxiety Relief
    About Dr. Bina Bakshi
Hypnosis, coupled with Yogic techniques and Metaphysics has allowed me to touch the lives of many, to bring about manifestations of wholeness (where there was disease and pain) of beauty, relationships, abundance, wealth and healing.

Hypnosis is also the tool used for tapping into your Past Life memories, through the PLRT which causes immense healings and wonderful awakenings in the present life you are leading.
International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association
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Vibrational Energy Medicine, Metaphysics, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
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Why Reprogramming Your Subconscious is so important
Wanting or wishing your subconscious to be programmed properly is as useless as wishing your PC would change its programs, without YOU having to actually DO anything to remove these old programs and install new ones that you want to be programmed with. In other words, you must DO something in order to re-write your subconscious programs.
Clinical Hypnotherapy
Vibrational Energy Medicine
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
Wealth Creation through Metaphysics
Marriage Counselling
Past Life Regression Therapy
Stress and Anxiety Relief
Children's Counselling
Corporate & Educational Services
Wealth Creation through Metaphysics, Marriage Counselling,  Children's Counselling, Corporate & Educational Services
I got my son back
When I came to Bina my family life and my health was in complete disarray. After just a few sessions I can say I have got a great deal of peace in my life. I got my son back , literally. My son who was one angry young man wud always shout when spoken to now has calmed down a lot...
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I knew Bina from a long time as she is related to one of my very close friend.
I approached her with some questions for which I had no answers. The experience with her was awesome. I could actually figure out and even find solutions. My children also went through a similar experience and I am really thankful to her for making them focused.
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