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Reprogramming One's Subconscious is Important
to Manifest Any Changes in One's Life
It’s been a wonderful journey of discovery, connectivity and joy, to have reached out to so many people across a couple of continents through my practice of Holistic Yoga, Metaphysics, Vibrational Medicine & Hypnotherapy in clinic in Mumbai and Pune.

I’ve been in the field of Hypnosis, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy & Business Counseling for the past many years and my specialties also include Vibrational Energy Medicine (VEM), Metaphysics, Family Counselling & Self Development and Past Life Regression Therapy.
Dr. Bina Bakshi, Self-Development Expert
Dr. Bina Bakshi
The true beauty of this form of treatment is that all of these mediums are completely drug-free and the subtle changes they effect in us, translate into significant changes in our lives. The extent to which the hidden aspects of one's actions, thoughts and behaviours come into play towards the cure of the presenting problem is a marvel in itself.

Hypnosis, coupled with VEM and Metaphysics has allowed me to touch the lives of many, to bring about manifestations of wholeness (where there was disease and pain) , manifestations of BEAUTY, RELATIONSHIPS, ABUNDANCE, WEALTH AND HEALING.

International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association
Hypnosis is  the tool used for tapping into your Past Life memories, through the Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT), which causes immense healings and wonderful awakenings in the present life you are leading. Past Life Regression Therapy is used for many issues of health (Vitiligo, Psoriasis, Scabies, issues with eyesight etc.) Infertility, Relationship Issues and Marriage.

Testimonials from many who’s lives have been turned around, issues been sorted and wishes been fulfilled have sent in their observations & Thanks. Take a look at them.
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