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Purple Flower, Bullet, Icon Children's Counselling
Family members are chosen when each of us is still a soul. We CHOOSE who to spend our lives with. Hence repairing existing relationships, healing and reforming them is essential to our Life's journey.

Even if the presenting symptoms are in the child invariably its the family that requires guidance and therapy for the child's issues to be handled because they are simply mirrors of the setup in which they exist. Like wise Marital issues require the changing of perspectives that led the marriage to its current precipice.

Property Divisions, Father -son confrontations, mother-in-law issues...the list goes on. Family Counselling helps the smallest social unit to survive the onslaught of conflicts, desires, ego, arrogance, control issues, social parameters & extended family interference
Children's Counselling (Guidance and Therapy for the Child's Issues, Family Counselling, Property Divisions, Father-son confrontations, mother-in-law issues)
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