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» How to discover what's really holding you back!
» Past Life Regression Therapy
» Future Progressions
» Making your own Life Plans
» Creating a mindset of abundance!
Clinical Hypnotherapy, Bedwetting Issues, Memory & study Enhancement, Shyness, Low Performance, ADHD, Stammering, Communication Issues, Disruptive Anger Syndrome
Maybe you have been led to believe that personal transformation always has to be a long and difficult process. WRONG! Hypnosis is a proven tool that can often create amazing results in a few days or weeks, not years!

Hypnosis is a safe medically proven therapeutic process of accessing the subconscious (SC) mind to treat ailments of mind and body. It is a method by which a patient may be guided into an altered state of conscious awareness in which psychological and physical changes, beyond normal conscious capability may be achieved. The duration of the treatment depends on the readiness of the patient.

All experiences from this present life and past lives are recorded in our Subconscious Mind. Negative emotions (guilt, anger, fear, anxieties) and negative experiences manifest themselves as diseases. The significant advantage that Hypnotherapy has over other therapies is its almost startling speed of cure and that it's drug-free.

“The therapeutic effects of a number of years of meditation and/or psychotherapy can be achieved over a few sessions of hypnotherapy.”-Sunny Satin, head Hypnotherapist, CIH, CA.
To find cures and reliefs For Children
» Solutions to issues like finding a JOB, WIFE/HUSBAND, Conflict Situations
» Find Love
» Relationships
» Grief Management and Heartbreak
» Wealth Creation
» Creating Good Luck
» Change Shortcomings
» Remove Addictions
» Weight Management
» Endocrine Balancing
» Anger management
» Past Life Regression Therapy
» Rewiring of Individual Behavior Patterns
» Passive Aggressive Behaviour
» Disruptive Anger Syndrome
» Mood Swings
» Depressive Disorders
» Bedwetting Issues
» Memory & study Enhancement
» Shyness
» Low Performance
» Stammering
» Communication Issues
» Disruptive Anger Syndrome
Solutions to issues like finding a job, Find Love, Creating Good Luck, Remove Addictions, Weight Management, Anger management, Mood Swings, Depressive Disorders
The Average Success Rate for...
Psychoanalysis was 38% after 600 sessions.
Behavior Therapy was 72% after 22 sessions.
Hypnotherapy was 93% after only 6 sessions!
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