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Why Reprogramming Your Subconscious is so important
Wanting or wishing your subconscious to be programmed properly is as useless as wishing your PC would change its programs, without YOU having to actually DO anything to remove these old programs and install new ones that you want to be programmed with.

In other words, you must DO something in order to re-write your subconscious programs. Hypnosis enables me to make you to do this, and therefore get the best from your activation.

Before any rewriting /reprogramming is done, your Conscious Mind (CM) must get involved and 'agree' to allowing the changes to 'show', 'manifest' in the time frame you want it to occur. For example you want to give up smoking and you must give it up in a stipulated time-frame, not years after the Hypnosis. So CBT - Cognitive Behaviour Therapy takes into account all that you are responsible for CONSCIOUSLY to enable the subconscious to get reprogrammed.

That’s where CBT (Cognitive Behavior therapy) is required. Working with the conscious mind (user interface) to figure out what needs to be changed in the subconscious (source code) via your everyday routine habits and behavior patterns.

While having the session will bring results that unfold over time, unless the changes ALSO take place on the conscious level (where Metaphysics also comes in to play), you may have to wait longer for positive outcomes in the physical ,mental, spiritual, material health or your world.
It involves learned behavior, therapeutic tools like EVIDENCE REPORTS, Lists and Questionnaires, Exercises for the mental & emotional rewiring the mandate requires
» Self-awareness: Being able to assess feelings, interests & strengths and maintain self-confidence
Self-management: Being able to handle stress, control impulses and work through obstacle
Social-awareness: Being able to understand another’s perspective; showing empathy, recognizing, celebrating similarities and differences, and being able to access and use available resources
Relationship skills: Being able to sustain a healthy relationship through cooperation, conflict resolution and asking for help when needed
» Responsible decision making: Being able to make choices, take action and make decisions that are fair and responsible
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (Reprogramming Your Subconscious, Self-awareness, Self-management, Social-awareness, Relationship skills and Responsible decision making)
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