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CORPORATE SERVICES Corporate & Educational Services (Corporate Counselling, Women Employees, Managers, Specific Departments)
» Goal oriented HRD motivational Workshops
» 3/4-week in-house course of infinite CBT Exercises, Breathing, Mindfulness
» In-house consultancy as an ongoing feature
» Corporate Counselling
» Women Employees
» Managers
» Specific Departments
Educational Institutions Support Facilitator
Its important that children, teenagers and young adults are helped to see the MACRO picture while making decisions like choosing careers or friends. Addictive and Disruptive Behaviours are noticed when children are in their formative years but these symptoms are ignored or swept under carpets in the hope that he/she will settle down when they 'grow up'. Mostly that does not happen and parents, institutions are forced to then deal with unpopular situations like suicide attempts, victimization, ragging and other socially inept or socially disorganized behaviours. Then there is a whole chapter of Sex Education & Enlightenment.

I provide support consultations to schools, colleges, hostels and other such educational outposts.
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