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The results were mind blowing in no time
Dear Dr. Bina,

   " I'm in Mumbai and a 180 degrees different. Calmer, happier, healthier and in middle of writing an article while looking at the Gateway of India. I can't thank you enough. I m telling you, you were sent by God to me. The timing that got me to India to see you is definitely a gift by God to me. "

I met Dr. Bina Bakshi in India where I arrived to have ayurvedic treatment for my over weight and neck and back injuries. But the main reason behind my illness was because of my depression, anger, anxiety and severe stress. 

Dr. Bina Bakshi stepped up to help and advised with cognitive behavior treatment and medicines. And the results were mind blowing. In no time, I started feeling calmer, happier and more focused after years of being restless, and suffering from anxiety and insomnia. 

Since I am a writer, I haven't been able to produce or write or focus on even reading one article. But with Dr. Bina's help, I am now back on track and have a deep feeling that things will be even better. 

I can't thank her enough. 

Beirut and Canada
I am rid of chronic issues in a few weeks
Dear Dr. Bina,

I have to say after a long time I've met a doctor who cares.... You have the quality that used to be known as “the bedside manner”; a combination of wisdom, knowledge, compassion, humour and common sense – a somewhat rare mixture nowadays when these days doctors seemingly talk down to the patients for the ailments they suffer from. I feel knowledge without wisdom and compassion can be very off- putting when we go to a doc .

Thank you for yr kindness and great therapy. I am rid of chronic issues in a few weeks 
Alina Raichand
We have manifested in our lives with your guidence
Hello Madam,

I am very glad to tell you that we are going to be parents and all this is because of your mentoring and help towards repairing our relationship altogether. It is just like a dream come true as we were trying for it for past 8 years. After having your sessions we are able to break the ice and see what is correct that needs to be done.

We both sincerely want to thank you for what we have manifested in our lives with your guidence. I would also like this to post on your site so that someone in need will get your precious help. Thank you.
Yashashree and Shirish
I was literally a new version of myself
I approached Dr. Bina Bakshi because I was suffering from insomnia, severe headaches every morning, hyper acidity, higher than normal BP, persecution complex, melancholy, uneasiness, was unhappy with my job, disinterested in life, and had anger issues.

In the first two sessions, Dr. Bakshi made me aware as to why I was facing all of the above mentioned issues, which then progressed with some vibrational energy medicine and hypnosis sessions, and by the end of the fourth session I was literally a new version of myself. Not only did I get rid of all the above mentioned issues, but also received a promotion in the very job which I was adamant to leave. The surprising part was, that I got the exact title as I visualized. It felt like a miraculous transformation in a very short period of time.      

Dr. Bakshi has been blessed with the natural ability to make a positive difference to people’s lives, hence I highly recommend  the therapy.
Pune, India 
I felt like standing on top
It had been a series of uneventful moments in my life which made me sad. I was looking out for options randomly which would instigate that confidence & hopefulness which I somehow lost. Ever increasing joints pain due Ankylosing Spondylitis left me unsettled in all spheres of life. One day, inquisitiveness about hypnotizing led me to search about what is hypnotherapy and that his how I found your website. Initially I thought it would be mere fun and the least which I would get out of it would be the experience, which was still a good buy.

One I started meeting you for counselling, my thought process evolved. The chants given by you slowly and steadily started to create a carapace. I still cannot forget the day when you first hypnotized me and post session asked me to go straight back to my home and give you a call. I remember I told you that the moment I started for my house, i felt like standing on top of my bike and shout and laugh.

While Hypnotherapy calmed me down, your chants gave me an inner strength to carry on, no matter what. It reaffirmed my belief to excel in life both personally & professionally. It instilled the certitude and helped me manage my health in a better way.

Ever since your sessions were completed, although we did not meet but we have always been in touch and you must have seen the happiness quotient growing exponentially. Regards

She has been gifted with rare attributes
I was passing through a particularly very bad patch in my Life. Bina with her 'hypnosis therapy' and skillful counselling helped me back lead a normal Life.

She has been gifted with rare attributes ( like clairvoyance and some other ) and has the intelligence, skill and willingness to employ those for the benefit of her patients in a coherent manner. She has developed a very distinct ability to comprehend the patient's problem in a holistic manner where her approach combines spiritual viewpoints, relevance to social and environmental concerns and the basic need of living a natural and spontaneous Life. In spite of the serious points mentioned above she comes across as a very lively, humane and charming human being making her sessions very enjoyable and relaxing'.

The biggest revelation in the healing process was 'knowing and understanding' about my hidden I ! Bina held my hand to walk the torturous process of facing the TRUTH, or facing MYSELF. It was a painful revelation to OBSERVE your buried (and rediscovered) self. It slowly dawned on me the reasons behind my anxiety attacks, my urge to smoke or gulp number of tea cups. Bina assisted me in assimilating myself with my own hitherto unknown parts which resulted in understanding the true meaning of 'relationship' with your near and dear ones.
Ravi Kiran
When I first met Bina, I was not sure what I was looking for
Testimonials are easy to write unless you are consciously trying to help people who read them to make a right decision.
Here I am, trying to ponder what to write for over two weeks now!

Moreover, it is not a testimonial for a palpable commodity, or even a non-commodity service for that matter. It is something for which each individual would have different value and response - ranging from an ignorant disdain to blissful self-realization (Currently I feel I am somewhere between the two…and moving north).

When I first met Bina, I was not sure what I was looking for; I was feeling hurt and wronged from various quarters in my present life - barely holding myself back from launching an all-out reprisals campaign.

I would have made situation irrevocably bad had I gone on that path. Therefore, what I value most as an outcome while working with Bina is getting rid of negative feelings towards people who have wronged me. I have got rid of all vindictive and revengeful feelings and feel so supple and happy (other achievements, like getting a new job - as I had stopped liking my previous job etc appears to be quite insignificant as compared to this achievement).

Now Bina has started working with other members of my family - my wife and two daughters - and I can already feel positive changes. I admire Bina’s passionate approach towards her charge and I am sure that this brings in desired results really fast.

A word of caution - there is no magic involved and there are no shortcuts, you have to make considerable efforts yourself to bring in the desired change. However, what Bina can really help you with is the right direction to position your efforts.

She humbly believes (and people close to her never let her forget) that she is only a medium.
Shujaahmad Shekh
Severe back pain, gout, cretanine levels, severe acidity,uric acid buildup, nerve ending inflammation of extremities, BP I am relieved of these symptoms without external intervention or medication.
Its been six years since I have been coming to you.If I look back it seems like a long but exciting journey which I have travelled amongest storms and fire but you have always been there.These six years have been the most dramatic in my life.I have been through a divorce, got remarried,completely changed my relationship patterns with immediate family,came out of legal problems,evolved from survival mode to satisfaction mode.,was blessed with a beautiful son ,business has grown appropriately and over an above my perspective of life has changed totally.I dont know where all should I include you in Thanksgiving as you have been there like always my ROCK OF GIBRALTAR.The most solid support system anyone can pray for.

Thanks Bina thanks for everything.
She gave me chants, energy circles and three hypnosis sessions
"Before I met Dr. Bina, I had completely lost hope of recovering from ill health and from negative emotions. Three years of ill health, I had tried everything!  I was feeling insecure and hopeless in life.  She gave me chants, energy circles and three hypnosis sessions. I wasn’t very sure about the chants or the hynosis, in fact I didn’t believe in them; so many other chants and hypnosis sessions I had done – but I had seen no change.  I had also tried a few hypnosis sessions with another doctor I’ve seen tremendous changes in me.  I am feeling a lot happier, stable, not obsessed anymore.  My IBS symptoms have improved a lot, reduced paresthesias.  Most importantly, I am now fearless!  Basically, I’m a new person.

A friend of mine was going through financial crisis; amazingly with the chants, he has now started earning well."
Asha Jethani
I recommend her very, very highly!
“Even though I had done much inner work myself, Bina working with my soul and guides, was able to identify limiting beliefs that I had not been aware of and that had been holding back my development. I recommend her very, very highly!
Christina G, Wales, UK 
I knew Bina from a long time as she is related to one of my very close friend.
I approached her with some questions for which I had no answers. The experience with her was awesome. I could actually figure out and even find solutions. My children also went throuch a similar experiencew and I am really thankful to her for making them focused. The chants she gives are really helpful to enhance your self. So if you are planning to go for hypnotherapy I am sure she is the one for you. Get yourself treated with out any medicines and positive side efffects.
Regards Kiron
I had just 4 sessions with Bina
I had just 4 sessions with Bina, and have followed her directions diligently over the last three months. The changes were magical- Sour Relationships suddenly became pleasant, facial allergy has vanished and so has my claustrophobia! I havent stopped thanking Bina ever since
My experience has been that Bina just loves to make sure that we are healed.
I had been facing certain pesonal challenges including an addiction, financial issues, skin rash and relationship issues. While I read a lot about self help and positive thinking etc and tried to work in that direction, I could not finding a resolution till one day when I met Bina.

I approached her in the last quarter of 2009 , slightly sceptical & did not really know how things would go. I knew she did hypnotheray and PLR and was curious to even experience the same :-) At the end of the first few sessions of the therapy given I started noticing remarkable changes in myself, my surroundings - relationships etc and my addiction had dropped. With regular sessions over the months, I could also see my financial situation changing and my skin contion improving. After the sessions were done, I have continued to see her on and off for therapy to address some issues and gain to the world of guidance and knowledge on the right living which also helps us develop spiritually.

I have at times been careless during the therapy and she has been taken me to task for the same, but all for my good and I am grateful to her for all that she has done. Side effects of the treatment: It was amazing for me to experience the side effects of the therapy - nothing negative - a lot of my inner potential had resurfaced and I got more clarity in things that I was now doing and Bina guided me to further delvelop the same and take myself forward.

If you are considering visiting her, my advice is to sincerely do what she asks you to, be ready to look yourself into the mirror of truth and you will see the positive changes for yourself. Cheers!
Thanks for being a guide to me when I needed you the most me during my testing times. 
The Chants which you suggested to me for various situations in my life, worked like magic, and thanks to you I realized that all of us have the tremendous power within us, within our own subconscious mind, it needs to be channelized in a positive way.
I am glad you’re using this gift of yours to help others realizing their true latent potential.
Wishing you all the best.
Rajesh Shah
Mumbai, India
Bina, when I came to you in Oct last year I was a mental and an emotional wreck.
Cherished family relationships had soured. I was so filled with negativity, anxiety, self-hatred and pessimism. I also had a swollen ankle condition accompanied with acute pain,due to which walking had become uncomfortable.

You with your love concern and infinite wisdom helped me heal. Over time with the chants and the ecs most of all of that has dissipated. Family relationships have healed beautifully. My Ankles are brand new there is no Trace of swelling or pain,i can walk, run, jump, climb stairs with ease. My perspective on things has changed for the better I no longer suffer from anxiety which for me is one of the biggest healings as for the last 25years that aspect had consumed my entire being. I feel free. The way you explain things everything makes sense and somehow the pieces of the puzzle start to fit. I know that i still have a journey to complete, And with you as my spiritual guide it's going to be a wondrous one.

As I write this my heart is filled with gratitude for all that you have done and continue to do for me. You are truly gifted and are so blessed that you have been chosen to touch so many lives and make a difference to them. I admire respect and love you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you
"I feel like the rays of sunshine have blessed me with a new life."
I have swollen lymph nodes in my stomach and neck since 2009. I was taking medicines regularly but it has not given me so much relief as treatment from Dr. Bina. After 10 days of chanting and making EC's my stomach knot has reduced to 45%.

The magical treatment and Bina Ma’am helped me gain my interest in cooking delicious food for my family and loved ones. She also helped me in thinking positive. I personally felt that I have gained a life time experience with the hypnosis sessions she gave. Last but not the least I have a problem of getting red patches when I meet new people due to nervousness, Ma’am gave me chants and now I don’t get it while talking to people. Also I have not taken any EC or chant from ma’am for my eye sight but my vision has improved drastically. I am still taking treatment from ma’am to achieve the best health and life I have imagined and I have total faith that I will soon be healthy and fine.

Hypnosis is a safest way to heal yourself. Hypnosis is a stage when you go to subconscious level of your mind and start finding solutions to your own problems. Problems which were caused due to a past thought or a person. I went through hypnosis for the 1st time under the guidance of Bina Ma'am. I felt beautiful changes after hypnosis. I was feeling lite and suddenly I felt really happy. Scars from my face, which I got due to chicken pox vanished. I was feeling beautiful and my face was shining.

Lymph knots on my neck became soft and have reduced in size. After that I straight went to home and slept. That day I slept for 17 hours. After waking up I felt so relaxed and happy. I was feeling alive and expecting the best life ever after reaching homeland.
Priyanka Goyal
New Delhi
A few lines of gratitude...
I want to thank u from the bottom of my heart..you have come like an angel in my life..I remember feeling weird hopeless n negative emotions flowing in my mind constantly. Being unhappy in my marriage was my biggest nightmare until I met U. Today, after 3 months of work with u, I feel like a completely different person. I feel positive and my marriage has taken a U-turn. I owe my confidence, self respect that i now have, to YOU.

You have a very unique way of dealing with your patients. Kudos to you for your good work and dealing with every problem like your own. I feel completely blissful to have met you and special prayers for the person who recommended me to you. The chants that you gave me have made a visible difference in me n yes, the sessions with you for me n my 9 yr old daughter has changed our relationship completely. I m glad that from an early age she has the right guidance.

I would be eternally grateful to you and highly recommend you to everyone i m connected to, to make a difference in their lives and to experience abundance that i m experiencing now. God Bless A friend of mine was going through financial crisis and I can see the wonderful results just by doing the Chants and the Energy Circles that u gave her. You have been amazing in SOS situations by extending help even when I was not able to meet you personally. Thanks a billion

Best Regards
Thank u Bina. You r the Jaadu of our life.
My endometriosis and adenomyosis n fibroid issues were killing me. Life was very very miserable and after every period I felt reborn n out of a surgery. The pain was extremely intense with severe pms symptoms n bleeding n clotting. I would wriggle in deep pain n wanted to die.

I would have frequent colds and throat infections. I had a bleeding anus. With your hypnos n chants n ecs all above issues resolved. Adenomyosis getting cured. Now sore throats n colds r negligible. Fibroid size is reducing n my uterus is saved from being removed.
Khar Ghar
I was always looking for a Past Life Regression expert.
I went to a couple but they could not help me or heal me. With Bina it’s been both conscious mind work (metaphysics) and subconscious mind-work (hypnosis) and the results are amazing. Its not enough to go down and ‘see’ things it’s important to be able to interpret and the info and to use it to heal. Which is what Bina did for me.
Goa, India
I truly discovered myself
After years of suffering with Psoriasis, I was searching for the cause of my disease 
[maybe the cure lay in the cause] Since my sessions with Bina, I truly discovered myself. Physical disharmony can be caused by negative emotions like anger, remorse, hate etc. 
Though they are also an integral part of all humans, like me. These sessions help forgive, in the true sense, and acceptance of others and ones own self is enhanced, which is the most important lessons of life.
Bina is a wonderful spiritual facilitator of the highest caliber
She combines the highest levels of integrity and discretion in dealing with issues that are sometimes very personal and of a sensitive nature with a very high level of psychic/intuitive openness
Hina Jafri
Pune, India
Bina Bakshi is my catalyst for Personal growth and spiritual evolution. I have depended on her to sort out many issues and she’s always made sense out of the things that I’ve undergone in my life.
Ketki Pujari
London UK
Bina communicated directly with my mind
What was particularly great for me was that Bina communicated directly with my mind and guides before my session in order to identify the specific issues and hidden core beliefs whose resolution could most benefit me at that time.
Sumita Waghmare
I got my son back
When I came to Bina my family life and my health was in complete disarray. After just a few sessions I can say I have got a great deal of peace in my life. I got my son back , literally. My son who was one angry young man wud always shout when spoken to now has calmed down a lot. A tremendous change has come over him he comes n sits close to me which he wud never do before. Thanks a lot whenever he reverts to his original nature its almost as if he realizes n again stops shouting. My husband has changed too. I am a better person, calmer with a clear perspective in life today. Thank You
A sunlight amid of dark-clouds
"A sunlight amid of dark-clouds - this is what i felt when i met Bina for first time. What shall I tell about who is she to me and what she means to me? my life-coach, philosopher, spiritual guide .. and the list goes on. To brief it, she is a genie who is always ready with solutions and suggestions (let it be either career/personal-life/hair-style/recipe. She is a Icon of inspiration for me).

She made me to re-born when my life became hopeless and standstill, and I was crushed and dejected with no intention of proceeding further in life. Just 2 hours of meeting with her, I felt that I'm blessed to have such a disastrous life cause I got a chance of changing my-self totally. She hold and made me as a new-person with confidence, forgiveness, trust, happiness, love and care.  Today, I spread my wings flying higher and higher towards the new dawn day by day. God Bless her"
Margaret Sylvia
“Out of prison after 8 long years”
“Out of prison after 8 long years” is what it feels like after having undergone hypnotherapy sessions with Bina.
Freedom at all levels – physical and mental. We are still working on the spiritual aspect.
I am just too overwhelmed to verbalize my experience with Bina. 
Bina is instrumental in familiarizing myself with me.
Kaumudi A 
Pune, India
The point of contact/station is BINA.
From-Seeing is Believing to- Believe and you shall see; I have undergone a metamorphosis at this point of contact/station where I found self-worth, faith and forgiveness. At this station I tasted flavor of being in control of me, my actions and thoughts.

I was introduced to the phenomenon of "power of thoughts". The milestones we covered are priceless. The first milestone was the consciousness towards my "SELF". Then came re-inventing the self to achieve the balance.

Outwardly it may seem trivial-like being able to wear trousers and step out of the house, but it all had to first start as a thought. Thinking; that used to get so frightening at times that I had opted to be in the comfort of misery that I myself had created.

I realized the most profound fact at this point/station; if a negative thought can be so powerful, then positive thoughts have to be 10 folds more powerful, only our faith fails us, to be able to hang on to them long enough.
Thank you very much Doctor
"Imagine one dark and stormy night, thinking at about 2am, I’m in this tunnel; there is NO light…where do I go from here? To take your mind off things, you surf the net. There is an ad, small and unassuming, that says someone can help me. First thought is…yeah, right, I sure don’t believe that. Oh well, it’s a phone call, can’t hurt to call it and see what it’s about. Well, of all the calls in my life, this call was my "light at the end of the tunnel! Dr. Bina Bakshi brought me out of the dark tunnel and into the daylight-it’s a whole new world out there for me now!!" I just want to thank you for giving me my life back. And helping me overcome my health problems (summer nose bleeding and severe skin problem.) , my personal relationships, my personal development , my wealth creation and the most important help me save my job at a time when i was totally down and out. 

Thanks & regards
One by one we ruled out the core issues that were obstructions
Every individual has dreams, aspirations, visions and goals…we all look forward to a life that is joyful, peaceful and blissful The question is how many of us are able to shape all of it into reality?? And why cant we?? What stops us?? These were the questions that I had in my mind. I kept asking my self. Why do I have so much of suffering?? Why cant I shape my life into the reality that I always wanted it to be. Sooo many questions and very few practically convincing answers. From the age of 15 I began my quest. By the age of 26-27 I read books like The Secret, Living with the Himalayan Masters, The Monk Who Sold His Farrari, Silva Mind Control, Life after Life, Hooponopono, Many Lives Many Masters, and many more. I watched motivational videos.. Met people who could shed light on how to manifest what we desire. I went to astrologers, tarot readers, clairvoyants, temples, mosques, and the works. At the age of 33 I realized that no matter how hard I tried, there was something that was keeping me from achieving all that I wanted to. I felt that my life was a disaster. The drive to make some kind of change was soo strong that it turned into an obsession. That’s when; on the 28th of Feb 2013; I met Dr Bina Bakshi through a friend of mine.. On meeting her I realized that the only obstruction in my life was ME!!! It wasn't easy to digest.One by one we ruled out the core issues that were obstructions, here are a few.
  1. When I first met Dr Bina, I was broke to an extent of bankruptcy I was borrowing money from my family to sustain myself. I had just about managed to get one contract that offered me Rs. 20,000/month
  2. Even though I am good at what I do professionally; being a communication and behavioral trainer with national and international experience; I didn't have work for over 2 years.
  3. I had just gotten out of a toxic violent marriage and ended up in a relation that had similar effects on me.
  4. Had a nasty relation with my brother and sister in law.
  5. I had major health issues like, hypertension, high blood pressure, irritable bowel syndromes and gastritis had just about gotten over anti depressants however the need for them still remained, had a protruding disk (slip disk). I had lost about 16 kgs and was only 45kgs, looked and felt unfit.
  6. I was not able to focus on anything especially my passion of working with/for animals.
  7. I was highly emotional, had various fears, was very edgy and had the tendency to over dramatize the events of my life.
  8. Living in a rented apartment that didn't have the basics like water. Something that added to my stress on a daily basis.
  9. Most importantly I was loosing hope and was on my way to self destruction.
I still remember the first session. It was a life transforming eye opener. Dr Bina; with the help of a diagram; explained how the mind works, the patterns we carry in our subconscious and how the conscious mind plays a vital role in it too. That’s when I realized the intensity of what we are dealing with. I admire the dedication, patience, the honesty and the willingness to help in Dr Bina Bakshi. I have been going to Dr Bina for 3 months now and the results are shockingly amazing. Dr Bina gave me chants, energy circles and a whole lot of other things to work on. On working with her the following changes were observed:
  1. My income jumped form Rs.20, 000 to Rs 60,000/month.
  2. I have started getting many more work offers ever since.
  3. I am ready to move out into a better apartment.
  4. My mind is clutter free and the need to over-dramatize no longer exists.
  5. My abilities as a trainer have improved and I am able to perform way better then I used to.
  6. I am more accepting and forgiving of others now and am less judgmental and more patient. I understand that they are all working from their own programs and are completely unaware of it. They have no idea how blissful life can be once you work around getting rid of the negative programs.
  7. I have been able to get out of the nasty relationship that would have otherwise given me heart ache for the rest of my life.
  8. My health has improved tremendously.. The hypertension has disappeared, my back (slip disc) doesn't bother me anymore, my Blood pressure is normal most of the times, and I feel healthier. I have put on some healthy weight and feel energetic.
  9. People around me have noticed the changes and said that I look confident, stable, happy, and peaceful.
  10. What amazes me the most is that I have extreme clarity in my thoughts. I am able to verbalize myself better. There is no confusion anymore. And most importantly, I am able to observe myself when I tend to dip into my older patterns.
  11. I am able to share soo many things that I have learnt from this therapy with the people around me and they seem open and receptive to the concepts of working on the mind for a better life.
  12. I have understood the law of karma and that we choose the experience that we go through in life. It has made it easier to accept myself and my past. I am able to let go of a lot of wrongs that I had to face and forgive myself and others. I now live in the present and not in my pain from the past.
  13. I now believe that I do deserve a better life and it is my birth right to be emotionally, mentally, physically, psychologically, financially and spiritually abundant.
And all of this in just a span of 3 months! Sometimes I find it unbelievable. Dr Bina’s methodologies are somewhat unique. Her ability to give people a patient ear without being judgmental is amazing. What I really admire is that she never interferes with anybody's decisions. She plainly states the facts and the consequences and leaves the decision to the individual. Also, I have noted that she does not hesitate to extend her help remotely as well. In times of emergency she also prescribes over the phone and on chat. I am really glad to have met Dr Bina. I do know that I have a long way to go..But I am sure that life will take that blissful turn (and it already is..) with the guidance of Dr Bina Bakshi. Thank you for everything. God Bless!!!
A master at hypnosis and metaphysics
An amazing perception of unfolding events, exact suggestions to overcome hurdles. A very high level of ESP to sense things out. A knowledgebase which is extensive. Simple and inexpensive methods to solve issues - beginning with the self and installing core values deep inside. Integrity of the highest order and very meaningful discussions.

All these I found in Dr Bina Bakshi and more leading to an all round development of the individual at levels, clearing problems and making pathways for the greater good.
Thank for giving me an opportunity to write
My life and my son's life has been transformed ever since we met you. It is a new life for us as we found the most perfect life coach. Im grateful to God and universe. You are the best teacher who corrects n guides to follow the true laws of nature n life. I came to you with relationship issues and you started offering solutions in all spheres of my life. You are most kind, compassionate, totally divinely guided soul like an angel to us. You have a solution to each n every problem of our life.

You have a complete sense of responsibility n r very commited to deliver more than what one can expect. You walk the talk. You have a calm n pleasing personality and have done each n everything for us. Today I am enjoying a good relation with my son and have a own well furnished house , had a few long term onsites, making wealth, my chronic menstrual issue has reduced by 90 percent n my sons scabies n eye issues got resolved thru the hypnos u had done. I am freed of curses that had always isolated me from others. The list of great amount of work done by you has been endless.cant write in one paragraph.

We are blessed to have you And cant imagine to live without your help n support n teachings. Issues like severe back pain has gone. Im all by myself with my son and to live so would not have been possible without you being in our life. Still alive because of the great work you continue to do. You are forgiving inspite of so many of my drawbacks n I must learn to kneel down n salute to you for being the greatest n the only life coach we can think of having. Myself n my son are deeply grateful to you.
New Bombay
approach to Yoga is I think is the key differentiator
Bina, I’ve always wanted to let you know that learning Yoga under you at Otters Club, Bandra, Bombay, India has helped me tremendously in all facets of my life…The most appealing factor was the way you practice Teaching, it was not just the Asanas and the physical aspects, but it gave me a 360 degrees perspective on the union of Body, Mind and Soul. Your holistic
approach to Yoga is I think is the key differentiator.
Manoj Gursahani, Chairman 
I’ve been under Bina’s guidance for over 10 years now.
Bina has been a wonderful Yoga teacher. Her knowledge on the subject is so deep that at times she surprises you.  She knows exactly what will work on your body and which asana will help heal your ailments.
Tehzeeb Khurana
Director, Toon Club
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