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Purple Flower, Bullet, Icon Vibrational Energy Medicine
Health issues require Pain Management, Regeneration, Endocrine System Balancing, Weight Management and Mood Management for a perfect wholesome life. VEM besides creating wealth, relationship resolutions, conflict management is an excellent tool to this end which is DRUGLESS, thus avoiding a lot of addictive pain meds and medicines that have side effects.

Medicines are required for well-being, however there are some prescriptions that might not suit an individual, may cause side-effects to one’s Endocrine System or Digestive Tract especially for the non-baser ailments like arthiritis, neurological disorders, depression, etc. VEM does away with all of these concerns.
Vibrational Energy Medicine
The Body has Meridians & Energy Points which are activated or utilized through tapping/touch/invocation or words. Besides there is a vast amount of wisdom prevalent in the Universe. The Universe has existed long before humans were sentient and ecosystems have thrived. The Wisdom of Animals, Flowers, Plants, Colors and more facets of nature are at our disposal through VEM.

For example, if there is nervousness being experienced before a meeting or a child requires a self confidence boost before going into a debate Wisdom of the Wolf is used to bring success to this endeavor. So many issues have subtle solutions and Vibrational Energy Medicine encompasses all the subtle solutions being offered by the universe.

Space Energy is also an element where the Space one is living in or working out of may need some improvements, changes, additions due to which movement in one’s life, career, wealth, health, marriage or relationships has been blocked. Space Energy Medicine uses Geomancy and the person’s individual Aura and needs to determine the appropriate solutions.
Wealth Enhancement, Prosperity, Good Luck, Protection & Good Health
are ensured through Space Energy Medicine (SEM) applications.
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